Encase those precious sewing machines

Encase those precious sewing machines

Out of the various machines that one may own for making things, sewing machines are of the more delicate kind. They are bulky and sometimes heavy but still need a rigid protection for the open parts. So when we bought a new overlock sewing machine two years ago, I went to the Makerspace and built a case out of cheap wood. It has two lids, that unfold completely, so the machine can be extracted easily. It has no handle, no lock and no feet, though.


Last year, we bought another sewing machine that came with an almost useless dust cover. So I decided to build a reliable case that protects the machine from kids and cats. And I wanted to make it more handy and beautiful than the first time. I went to a local hardware store (OBI) and bought some glulam called fineline that is made out of thin beech strips. First, I cut all the boards as if I was building a box without a lid. I wanted to use as few screws as possible, so I cut a dado into the ends of the front and back panel to glue the sides into them. I then cut all boards in two pieces, to create the parts for the base and the lid and glued everything together. While I was at it, I installed a small side pocket for the mains adapter and foot pedal to rest in.

After the glue dried, I installed the hardware: a long hinge for the lid, two locks and four feet that make for easy dragging (which is good, because the case is massive). While buying the hardware, I had not thought about adding a handle, so I had to improvise. Luckily I found some belt strap that I could use. All those things came off one more time for the finish. I used hard oil for this, it brings out the color of the wood very fine and makes it robust, though the case needed some days of good ventilation before the stench of the oil was gone.

You can have a look at the production in the following video. If you like it, please leave a comment or like my YouTube channel. Thanks!

This video is the first of a series of videos I plan to make about various projects and things I make. It was filmed with my Sony HDR-AS200V, the music is from Makaih Beats who published it on the Free Music Archive. I’m very happy with the result (of the case and the video). Special thanks to the Makerspace Leipzig where this was built and filmed.

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